Fight Etiquette

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Fight Etiquette

Many people think that there are no rules in a street fight.  But when we ignore those unwritten rules, we end up with assault rather than a consensual fight.  So, today I want to dispel that "no-rules" myth and introduce the basics of some unspoken rules--a fight etiquette, if you will: 

  • Ask Mehgan's famous question before any fight: "You wanna fight?" (= consensual fight = "Mutual Combat"). A good example of a consensual fight is linked here (click here).  
  • No sneak attacks. 
  • No mace. No other weapons. 
  • No jumping--keep it one on one (1v1). 
  • Any fight is supposed to be F vs F or M vs M. Not F vs M. 
  • Wear "fight wear." 
  • Parents and grandparents off limits. Children off limits, too. 
  • Do not fight a pregnant woman. 
  • If the person is not fighting back, stop. 


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