Have a new fight video to submit?

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Have a new fight video to submit?

Although we are against any form of violence, from time to time we are interested in NEW video footage of real chick fights in streets, bars, clubs, parks, backyards, etc.  The dollar amount will depend on the quality and length of the fight or fights.  The important thing is that your footage is real; no fake-ass backyard wrestling, no play fights, no fights that are "set up" or arranged in any way, shape or form, no boxing bouts with gloves, etc.  We pay more for fistfights and brawls that include the build-up and a few post-fight impressions.  All offers are negotiable. 

Advice for maximizing your earnings from recording fights (click here). 

If you submit a fight to us, you will receive:

(1) AT LEAST one of our JFP videos for FREE  (negotiable...whatever video or videos you choose) AND

(2) potentially a $ payment for nonexclusive video license.

Here's how it works: Submit the footage by regular mail or e-mail in some digital format (e.g., *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.mov, *.flv, or *.avi, for example) submitted via e-mail is strongly preferred for the initial screening of your footage.  In your submission, include all your contact information, including phone number and e-mail. After we come up with a fair price, we will pay you via an online payment app of your choice.  Usually, you can receive your money on the same day that we decide to purchase (a license for) your clip.  We will also send you a non-exclusive licensing agreement.  A "non-exclusive license" means that we only borrow your footage.  In other words, the footage remains yours and you retain all rights and ownership to it--forever!  You can use and sell it again... as many times as you like. It really is as simple as that!

The FREE videos linked from this site will give you an idea of the type of footage that we are looking for... 

E-mail submission: 


You can also contact us via Twitter @JustFightsJFP 

Mail submission: 
Contact us by e-mail first.

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