Don't Pull Hair (JFP 19049)

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Don't Pull Hair (JFP 19049)

Really wild catfight between a blonde and brunette in 3 rounds on a rural road in the South. The crowd of spectators cheers them on, but insists they don't pull hair.  Both fighters are in bare feet.  One is wearing a tight t-shirt and orange short shorts, while the other is wearing a red top and skirt. Great, full-on punches to the face show they have some beef to settle and really hate each other. What turns this video from great to outstanding is the shit talking between rounds.  Even though the fight is not brand new, this video may one of the better JFP releases of 2019 so far. 

Length: 4:30 mins. 

240x360 29 fps WMV

Quality: very good

Preview trailer: