Entourage (JFP 18033)

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Entourage (JFP 18033)

This is probably our best release so far.  Both girls came with a big entourage for a really wild fight.  In an amazing walk-up, the entourage encourages blondie in white sports bra to "beat the f*** outta her"--and she does.  But because both fighters know how to get down, it is not a one-sided beatdown.  Wearing typical fight wear in front of a large crowd, both really strong girls give as good as they get.  This fight has everything: boxing, wrestling, hairpulling, sg pins, the lot.  If you want to learn how to fight, watch this one first. 

Length: 3 mins. 

1440x1080 30 fps MP4

Video quality: very good

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