Cheerleader Brawl At Night (JFP 20011)

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Cheerleader Brawl At Night (JFP 20011)

Cheerleaders have to be in great shape, so when they fight, it usually turns out be an awesome fight (see also previous video releases JFP 18004 and 18068).  This fight video includes hairpulling, punching, headlocks, wrestling/grappling etc. After round 1, the cheerleader in her green outfit (Veronica) decides that fighting in bare feet would be easier for her. They even damage the hood of a car in round 2.  During their second round, two other girls start fighting. It's really wild! Videos of night fights can be disappointing, but this 4-minute video of two different wild girlfights at night will surpass even the highest expectations.

"Come on, bitch!"

Length: 4 mins. 

568 x 320 30 fps

Video quality (resolution): good (same as preview trailer below)

Video preview: