Blondes Brawl It Out in the Woods (JFP24005)

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Blondes Brawl It Out in the Woods (JFP24005)

Sometimes, problems cannot be talked out. So, what is there to do but fight it out in the woods? This amazing older video contains 2 fights: first a blonde and brunette fight over 2 rounds, then 2 blondes (the same blonde in jeans shorts from fight 1) get into a second fight. A great fistfight with hair pulling, knees to the face, wrestling on the ground, etc.

"Don't f***ing pull hair, b*tch!"

"Beat the sh*t out of her!"

"Don't f***ing bite me, b*tch!"

Length: 2 mins.

560 x 340  30 fps

Video quality (resolution): very good (check HQ preview)

Preview trailer: