Fight over a Boyfriend (JFP20046)

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Fight over a Boyfriend (JFP20046)

In a long and wild fight, two hot girls brawl at night over one of the girls' boyfriend. Because the two girls really hate each other, one round is definitely not enough. The video shows everything you expect from a great fight: ground and pound, headlocks, wrestling, punches to the face and body, biting, and vicious hairpulling.  This will become a classic fast, so get it now at the special reduced price.  The preview trailer below shows not only the quality of the video, but also the quality of the action.

"I'm out of breath just from watching," as one of the spectators comments.

One of the fighters: "I'm done. I beat her ass."

Length: 5 mins. 

1280 x 720 30 fps

Video quality (resolution): good

Video preview: