Let's Get Down Right Now! (JFP 19074)

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Let's Get Down Right Now! (JFP 19074)

Back in the day, two Hispanic girls had beef and took it to the park to fight it out.  From the first second, the viewer can tell that the two girls have only one thing in mind.  Amazing build-up (hand clapping etc. included in the preview trailer), followed by an equally great brawl between two strong girls.  A fight video, which reflects real female animosity, can't get much better than this one. 

Girl 1: "How the fuck is it on me, bitch?" [...] "I don't give a fuck! Why are you stalking me?" 

Girl 2: "I really don't have time for this. You talk shit... Let's get down right now!"

Length: 4 mins. 

480x360 30 fps WMV

Quality: good HD

Video preview: