Jessica vs. Gabby Round 2 (JFP 20018)

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Jessica vs. Gabby Round 2 (JFP 20018)

The two girls had beef at school. This first round of their fight was released as JFP 20017. But now they meet for round 2 after school, at a dirt road.  And now they really go all out in fighting it out. Gabby, who is in black halter top, jeans, and bare feet, tells Jessica that she is "fighting for no damn reason."  But you wouldn't know it while watching this no-holds-barred fight: headlocks, punches to the face, rolling around and ground fighting in the dirt, hairpulling, the works.  There is no doubt that these two cannot stand each other.

Length: 2 mins. 

204 x 360 30 fps

Video quality (resolution): good (same as preview trailer below)

Video preview: