Just fight after fight (JFP 19035)

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Just Fight After Fight (JFP 19035)

All these wild brawls in this video occurred on the same day.  As becomes obvious quickly, the girls came prepared...with hoodies and braids!  And similarly obvious is the fact that everyone in this video knows how to fight--and by that we mean really fistfight. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. It's fight after fight after fight, with some very strong girls.  If you like boxing and upper cuts, you'll love this video.  In this video you also see two sisters fighting: the one in red shorts (beginning and end of the video) is the sister of the one in black hoodie and grey leggings in the fight in the middle of this video. And at the end there is a postfight face check by the other girl. 

Length: 4 mins. 

480x480 30 fps WMV

Quality: HD

Video preview: