Nanaimo Girlfight All Angles (JFP 19024)

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Nanaimo Girlfight All Angles (JFP 19024)

Two tall and strong girls brawl it out in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  You may have seen one angle of this great fight between Brooke and Jenn before, but not all angles. 

Brooke's female friend: "Are you ready, Brooke?" 

Brooke: "You want to fight? Let's fucking fight!" 

Jenn: "You fucking started it, you fucking bitch!" 

And then it's on. 

Punches, headlocks, ground fighting, etc. Although the video quality is not the best, this video won't disappoint you. The fight is so wild that the top of one of the girls comes off during the fight. 

Length: 7 mins. 

240x160 15 fps WMV

Quality: decent

Video preview: