Reversal of Fortune (JFP22029)

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Reversal of Fortune (JFP22029)

Whenever 2 females scrap in Hawai'i, you know you are in for a treat....and this fight video is no exception.  As the preview shows, it's on sight!  The crowd of spectators makes sure this stays a fair fight throughout.  What looks like a clear win in round 1 turns into a complete reversal in round 2. And neither one is done after rd 2--they go for a wild and deciding third round.   Gotta watch this fight with almost non-stop action now at a special price.

"Don't pull my hair, you dumb c*nt!"

"Come on, Katie!"

"Whack her! Let's go."

Length: 4 mins. 

480x360 30 fps MP4

Quality: good (check preview trailer below)

Video preview: