Two College Girlfights (JFP 20015)

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Two College Girlfights (JFP 20015)

Sometimes, the old fight videos are the best ones!  These two classic college girlfights have never been released in this format. The first one is especially brutal when one of the two sorority sisters pulls out a large chunk of the other girl's hair. But they are not done yet!  One girl calls out the other to finish the fight outside the house party...and they get down in the front yard of the house.  Both girls are wearing jeans and roll around on the ground in bare feet, with a lot of vicious hairpulling by both girls (but the lighting is not very good, so be forewarned). The second fight starts with a cute blonde spitting and pouring some beer on the other girl...  A short fight ensues.  You have to get this video simply for hearing one of the blonde's punches connecting (to the brunette's face). Woah!  If you have never seen these two classic college fights, download them now at this special price (for a limited time). 

Female bystander in first fight: "Let them fight!"

"Fuck her up, Natalie!"

Guy in the cheering crowd: "I've never seen a girlfight."

In second fight, girl calls out the blonde: "Don't be a fucking pussy. Let's go!"

Male onlooker: "Pull her hair! Punch her in the face!"

Length: 4 mins. 

1980 x 1020 30 fps

Video quality (resolution): good (same as preview trailer below)

Video preview: