Once Upon A Time...at a Park in Cali (JFP 19127)

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Once Upon A Time...at a Park in California (JFP 19127)

Two Cali girls decide to settle the score at the park. Two rounds of blonde vs. brunette, but one girl's mom stays for for only the first round because the fight became too wild and brutal for her.  The other mother hangs around and gets mad when some guy wants to break up the fight after round 1.  Great action in this amazing fight video: punching, ground fighting (schoolgirl pins), hairpulling, wrestling. This video has everything you expect from a great fight.  A must watch.

Girl 1: "So you called me out?!"

Girl 2: "No, you called ME out!"

Mother 1 to intervening guy: "Get out of here. No one wants you here."

Mother 2 after round 1: "That's enough."

Length: 2 mins. 

1920 x 1080 30 fps

Quality: HD

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